Survivor Buffalo Comes to Akron

A Quiet Place 2 scenes are done being filmed on Main StMurder Creek: A Short Film being picked up by a local film festival this month AND a film festival in L.A. , now Survivor Buffalo has shot an episode here in Akron.

Survivor Buffalo is a Live reality game. Over a two day span the contestants play an entire season based on the hit reality TV show Survivor.  17 contestants from all over the country and Canada pay $75.00 compete for a grand prize of $350.00.

The contest consists of being split up into “tribes” and completing a set of challenges. Just like the TV show, people get voted off until the last person standing wins. The challenges include memory challenges, physical challenges, and memory challenges. Contestants need several skill sets to compete.

We chose Akron Falls because it is beautiful. We’ve got great trees and water and the Falls.

Sara Cole, executive producer of the show, says it is basically the Survivor theme of “outwit, outlast and outplay”. The show is filmed by a 5 person crew, it is created into actual episodes that are aired on YouTube Channel Survivor Buffalo. The first season will be out on YouTube in December and the second season, which was being filmed will be out Spring 2020.

They were down to 8 and someone was just about to be voted off to get to the final seven when I was passing though. If you want to know what happened, well, you are just going to have to tune into their YouTube channel in a few months. -JAP