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Fire at Akron Mobile Home Park

First responders were called to a structure Fire at 11 Wesley Dr this morning.  Assistant Chief from Akron Fire Company, Chuck Heist (sp?) was first on location and noticed heavy flames at the back of the trailer. The fire was knocked down within 20 minutes.  Newstead Fire, Clarence and Clarence Center Fire companies were all on scene to help.




Danyelle Borden, her four children and the dogs all got out safely, but the trailer is a total loss.  The structure next door had damage as well, but wasn’t destroyed.  Ms. Borden was in the bathroom, and her boyfriend was in the shower when the fire started.

“My boys weren’t listening, and my 3 year old lit a bed on fire, and everything went up in flames while I was in the bathroom.”

Danyelle’s sister, Brittany is setting up a GoFundMe campaign to help her sister and the children out. There is already chatter about a local fundraiser for the family being planned.

No one yet knows what type of environmental impact this has caused, and what type of remediation will have to take place as this just happened.

The Newsteader will be following this and post all relevant information regarding ways you can help.  The most important things to take out of this:

Our first responders did a great job getting the situation under control.  Four fire companies working together!  No one was injured!



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