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Local Dogs to Compete at Dog Agility Trial

This month, Four Seasons Agility will be celebrating their 15th year hosting NADAC dog agility trials.

Friday, Saturday, Sunday August 23rd, 24th, and 25th.
Time: Competition starts at 1:00 pm on Friday, ends approximately 6:00 pm; Saturday and Sunday start at 8:00 am, end about 3:00 pm
This event is rain or shine, and takes place at Akron Animal Hospital.

Four Seasons is a local club which hosts two to three agility trials a year. This August, the trial will be extra special. We are celebrating our 15th anniversary with special events, gifts, and prizes!

Our August trial is also traditionally our “give back” trial, where we raise money for a local dog-related non-profit group. This year our trial will benefit the Pet Emergency Fund of Erie and Niagara Counties. PEF is an organization which provides emergency services to pets in need.
We will hold a giant basket raffle each day, and have special challenges to raise money for this amazing group!

Spectators are welcome to come and watch these fantastic dog and handler teams negotiate different courses, which include obstacles such as tunnels, jumps, ramps, and weave poles. Dogs are directed through the course by their human handlers with only verbal commands and body language- the handlers cannot touch their dog while running the course. Successful teams earn qualifying scores, which accumulate to earn agility titles. With each title they earn, teams advance through more complicated and challenging courses. The emphasis is on working as a team with your dog.

It’s fast, fun, and furious- thinking on your feet and adjusting as you go. Many owners and their dogs travel hours to spend the weekend competing and earning their titles while having a lot of fun running with their canine companions.

Pre-registration is required to compete in these events, but spectators are welcome to come and watch the action!

Come SEE the fun! But… Please be a Courteous Spectator:

Agility is a great spectator sport, but please keep these tips in mind when visiting a trial:
Don’t pet or feed a dog without asking the owner’s permission. Most agility dogs love people, but their handlers may want them to be concentrating just before going into the ring.
Leave your dog at home. Agility trials are very stimulating atmospheres and many dogs can be overwhelmed by it at first. You will enjoy it much more if you can sit and watch rather than having to concentrate on your dog.
No food or toys are allowed within 10 feet of the ring. Also keep small children away from the ring as they may distract the dogs. No standing around the entrances and exits to the rings. These can become very congested areas.
Feel free to talk to competitors. As a rule, agility people love to talk about the sport and answer questions about their dogs. But keep in mind that asking a question while a competitor is entering or exiting the ring is not the best time. Timing is everything, inside the ring and out!
We have no extra seating, so if you’d like to stay awhile, you might want to bring a chair.
For more information about this event, please contact our trial chair Lynn Broderick, at Lynnr1529@roadrunner.com, or Dee Cannon, at dcan2266@gmail.com

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