A Note From the Vet Regarding Extreme Heat and Your Pets

Keep Your Pet’s Safe in Extreme Heat

Different pets have different tolerances to hot and cold.  A Chihuahua can tolerate much more heat than a Newfoundland or Bulldog. A husky should not be run when it is over 55 degrees. When the temperature climbs and the sun is out, most pets can overheat quicker than you can. If a pet is continuously panting or it’s tongue is hanging out, it is too hot!

You need to have a plan for when it gets hot of where and when to house your pet.  If indoor air conditioning is available, that is the best. If not, shade and a good box fan are usually good enough. There are items such as cool coats, chilly beds, baby pools and cold hoses that can also be used to help cool dogs.
Activities should be planned for cooler times of day.  Be sure they have access to plenty of cool water. Beware some ponds heat up in the sun and a swim in them is not cooling to the pet. Pavement is too hot for pets when the back of your hand can not tolerate it for more than 5 seconds.
We should all know that a car can overheat a pet in just a few minutes. So do not leave any living thing in a closed car on a warm, sunny day. Windows left cracked open are not good enough. A fully open car or van with fans on may be. Some cars and other vehicles actually can run the AC when parked and the temp can be monitored remotely. So check that the pet is actually overheating before you try to break in to rescue it.

Dr. Corrie Dr. Sandra Corrie, Akron Animal Hospital

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  1. pugs and frenchies are so popular and they truly cannot tolerate heat. My pug would over heat extremely quickly. brachycephalic breeds need to be protected. I’ve seen them pass away from heat.. please take care