How to Write a Press Release

The Newsteader is still in it’s infancy.  It is still growing and changing every day.  Lately, some of you have approached me and asked about how to submit information to The Newsteader, then I say “Go to the Press Release” link and send it to me :).  Then, the person says “What is a Press Release?  How do I write that?”.

Here is a little guide to help.

It’s really simple.  First off, “Press Release” sounds all “official” and like you need some sort of “authority” to send one in. Well guess what?  ANYONE can send a media outlet a press release about anything.  However sending one in does not guarantee that it will be used.  That is at the discretion of the outlet.

Someone is turning 100 to a local kid gets a scholarship/wins an award.  Or A road is going to be closed for a project, A local person has an art exhibit opening someplace.  A new business is opening, a long time business closing.

You want people to know this stuff, so you need to put it in a Press Release.  Here is  a templet that you can edit to your needs.


HEADLINE:  Akron Resident’s Horse Will Compete in  The Kentucky Derby

CONTACT:  (Phone and Email)

Jane Doe’s horse, “Jango” from Prancing Horse Stables in Newstead will be competing in the Kentucky Derby May (?).  Jango’s trainer is (insert name here), from (insert place here) Jockey (insert name here) from (insert place here) will be riding Jango for the race.

(you can put more info about Jango here or not)


Contact info above if you need more information

It doesn’t have to be anything fancypants at all.  If the media organization deems your info newsworthy, they will either put it out as it was received, edit it and make it a story, and/or get in touch with you for more information.

That’s it. Simple.  PLEASE make sure you put the correct info on your press release.  I can’t count how many times already (and The Newsteader is only 6 months old) I have received incorrect information from “official sources” even! So, please just double chack before you hit that send button.

OK, that should cover it for you all.  Please email press releases to and put PRESS RELEASE in the subject line.