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My Wristband Was An Extra In A Joan Jett Video

All true! This is the PG-13 Version:

In 2006 Blackheart Records put out a call for extras for a new Joan Jett video.  If interested, email head shots to them and they will get back to you.

Being a musician, I actually had head shots hanging around and thought “why not?”  So, I picked one out and sent it in.   A few weeks later got an email that I had gotten picked and had to be in Brooklyn at such and such a bar at such and such a time.   At our own expense. Boooooo   but you get to be in a ROCK VIDEO  Needless to say at this point I was booking my flight down there.  At that time Jetblue had cheap flights to NYC.

I grew up outside Manhattan, and hung around there a lot, and sort of know my way around, so I got a room there.  Cabbed it to the location in Brooklyn at the time I was supposed to be there.  About 40 of us were corralled outside this dodgy bar, in the rain and cold (I’m laughing as I write this).  It was FREEZING, and here we were just waiting around.  6, yes SIX hours later a guy came out and threw a bunch of Busch Beers (in cans) at us so there wasn’t a mutiny! but you get to be in a ROCK VIDEO LOL  People were already ridiculously drunk because there was a deli on the corner selling everyone beers in foam coffee cups on the sly (Brooklyn, you know).  In the end I think we were out in the wet and cold for like 9 hours time.

At some point, in the middle of all this, a Limo showed up and Carmen Elektra came walking out.  Apparently, she was in the video, it just wasn’t announced. The crowd collectively gasped when she stepped out.  She got to go inside.  We got to stay out for another who knows how long.  Finally they came and took us in.  It was a concert in a bar scene and we were the screaming fans.  They placed us where they wanted us in front of the stage.  We were all like wet rats at this point from being out in the rain alllllllll day the things we do for rock and roll now it was time for us to be “rock fans” at a “rock concert”.  Joan Jett came out with her band, said hi and got into her spot.  She and the band had to play the same chorus over and over again (to a click track!) and we had to be loving all of it for the cameras.  We did our screaming fan at a rock concert thing, Carmen Elektra jumped around with us.  We did that for a while, they gave us some more beers.  We did it again.  We did it again.  Wash. Rinse, Repeat. 

When it was over, all of us “fans” who had gotten to know each other over beer out of foam cups and rock and roll, left to go back to our lives.  Getting back to Manhattan from Brooklyn was a bit of a challenge, but I got back in one piece somehow.

I don’t remember how long it took for the video to be released..  It was the days before Youtube was a thing.  So, we were given a link to a web site that hosted the video.  I think then it came out on DVD or something.  MTV was long done doing actual music television.  I hit play on my media player and it started.  In one of the concert shots from the back of the room, if you pause it at the precise second, you can see my wristband  You can even see the criss cross pattern on it!  (The pic above is not from the video)  At another point, you can see my profile, for another millisecond or two.  LOL  I think they just wanted me for my wristband.  Was it worth all the aggravation, money, time? YES.  Is there more to the story? Of COURSE there is more to the story, but this is the family version 🙂

Everyone have fun at your casting call today

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