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Cruise Night-With Great Weather

This is going to be totally biased because I grew up in a car collectors house.  Basically a garage that just happened to have living space.  I regularly was rudely awaken by 12 cylinders shaking the house and race car fumes 😁.  It’s amazing we all didn’t die from carbon monoxide poisoning and go deaf at the same time!  I learned how to drive in an old 60’s Mustang (standard of course), and I used to take my parents ‘57 T-Bird to the beach when I was in high school.  So, I’m biased, I admit it with no shame LOL

Akron’s third cruise night of the season happened yesterday.  Finally some great weather got outs of folks to come out and enjoy the car show.

The “theme” was Mustang vs. Camaro however there were all types of cars and even an old Harley there.

Editor’s note: I’m still on the fence about the theme thing.  It should just be “Cruise Night” so people don’t get confused that all are welcome.  Or at least, there should be something in their advertising that states that.

All of that being said, here are some pics of the cars that got MY attention.



Sadly some people on Main St still find is necessary to put their garbage out when they know it’s cruise night, so it was difficult to get good pics of some of the beautiful examples that were displayed without a pile of trash around it ☹️.  Boo to them!

All in all beautiful weather, beautiful cars!  See you all next week!  -JAP-

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