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75th Anniversary of D Day Today

75 years ago today men from the Allied Countries stormed the beaches of Normandy to save the world from the Nazi’s.  It was the largest seaborne invasion to date.

After a year of preparations, and a deception plan to trick the Nazis, Allied Forces bombarded the shore from ships, and then stormed the beaches by amphibious craft, and air.  The men came off their crafts in the 45-50 degree water, under HEAVY FIRE.  Many were killed as soon as the doors opened on the landing crafts, others we killed before they made it out of the water.  The Allies lost over 4000 men here, and many more suffered horrific injuries.  This number varies and goes up to 10,000 killed in some publications.

The soldiers went on to chase the Nazi’s back to Germany, liberate the concentration camps where 8 MILLION people were murdered.  That’s EIGHT MILLION PEOPLE WERE MURDERED. That is roughly the population on NYC if you need perspective.  Many of our young men were sacrificed for this endeavor.  The Nazi’s had to be stopped at all costs.  The cost was many American lives.  9388 Americans are interred in Normandy.  Most killed on D Day, others killed at different points of the war.

No one knew if this would even work, but Hitler had to be stopped.  The fate of the world was at stake, and the good guys had to make incredible sacrifices to save us all.

Here is General Eisenhower’s Letter to the troops before the invasion 75 years ago.  It’s really worth a read.  Think about what was happening at this time (which really wasn’t that long ago), and how important it was that our side had to win this!


The General also had another letter/speech written in case the operation failed.

We are losing our WWII vets every day.  They are called The Greatest Generation for a reason.  We need to respect/honor and remember them.  Without them, many of us wouldn’t even be here, OR we would be marching around speaking German.

Can you imagine the bravery of these guys having to do that?  We have all seen the videos and movies.  It was COLD, they were young and scared and chaos everywhere. This is the stuff that heroes are made of.

The most terrifying thing right now is that a few years ago, in Charlottsville and actual NAZI murdered a woman right here in the USA.  Yes, this happened.  We are currently having an uptick in anti-semetic crimes, and these Neo Nazi groups are getting airtime on the internet and with the media.  It’s really scary.  Has the younger generation not been educated enough to know what happened back then?  Some of those tiki touch holding Nazis Grandfathers are rolling in their graves I am certain.  Their Grandfathers probably fought the Nazis, and now these idiots are out there marching around, and a woman is killed.  Another one shot up a church of all places.  Right HERE in the USA.  It’s like spitting on the graves of some of the bravest men in history.

If you are ever in New Orleans, there is a WWII Museum there that will knock your socks off!  Highly recommend you take your kids there if in town.  #NeverForget #Holocaust  #8million 

Respect our WWII men and women, TALK to them, they have more wisdom then you will ever know.  They SAVED US from tyranny, and they deserve the highest form of respect. So please take a minute today and think about this day in history and the sacrifices that were made so that WE could be FREE. -JAP-

Editors Note:  The Newsteader wanted to feature a slide show of your Grandfathers/Mothers who served on Memorial Day.  We put out a call asking for pics weeks in advance.  A HUGE disappointment was that not ONE person sent a pic of a loved one.  NOT ONE.  What is going ON here?  We need to do better.  I am hopeful that we can do a GREAT series around Veterans Day featuring local vets.  BUT we are going to need YOUR HELP in doing this.  That is a ways away, so just a heads up! 


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