Health Insurance Rates Going up AGAIN in 2020

Every year the heath insurance companies file with the state  Department of Financial Services how much they plan on hiking up our rates.  As if we can afford decent insurance as it is (sarcasm font).

The insurance companies ask for some ridiculous two digit rate increase attributing it to:  “rising health care costs”, and rising drug prices.  The usual excuses.  After they put in their proposals, the DFS pretty much tells them what they will settle for, which is a smaller hike…..But, it’s still an INCREASE in what we are paying out, and certainly there will be (again) higher deductibles, less providers, higher co-pays.  Those of us who are in business for ourselves or just need to buy an individual heal plan will get hit the hardest, as per usual.  At this current time, for what I am paying right now, I could be making payments on a REALLY NICE MERCEDES, or another house, or a trip around the world!  It’s maddening, isn’t it?

It’s only a matter of time before the middle class is totally priced out of the health insurance market

What will happen when ordinary New Yorkers can’t afford insurance anymore?  Many of us are struggling to stay insured as it is.  Many others that are insured care paying for coverage that doesn’t even cover anything.

WHEN is this going to get fixed, and who is going to fix it?  How are people supposed to pay rent, eat and have decent insurance?

Here is the link so you can see how this might affect you and your family next year:

click here to be transported to the DFS site with the proposed rate increases


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