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DWI Education Demos at Akron School


Last week Allstate Insurance, Akron Police and Erie County Sheriffs were on hand at Akron School to demonstrate to the seniors how dangerous it is to drive under the influence.

“Prom is the number one time where students get killed from drunk driving for the year.” Herm Clouse

This is the third year that Allstate has sponsored this event.  The Rotary Club bought the first 2 pair of “drunk goggles” for $300, then invested $1200 in a kit that also includes Marijuana Goggles, and night vision as well.

Drunk goggles, Akron Seniors, and golf carts.  Here is how that worked out!



After driving around, the students were brought back by the athletic fields where the Akron Fire Dept was waiting to demonstrate how they extract people from crashed vehicles.  Unfortunately some HUGE thunderheads rolled in and it started lightening!  For everyone’s safety, everyone was ushered indoors until the storm passed.

Here is a little slide show of some highlights.

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