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The Saga of Cedar & Carney

I was asked about this issue today, so here is an update:

I filed a FOIL request with Erie County Sheriffs for a list of accidents at that intersection since 2001.  I have received it.  MY accident, that happened in 2012, wasn’t on the list, and neither was the one that just happened.  Obviously, some other place must have the other records (?)  I filed a FOIL with the NY State Police to see if maybe they have a different list.  Asking is free, right?  A response came in today that said they are backed up with requests for stuff, and I will get an answer at the end of July!

I have had a couple of dead ends as well………We wait.


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  1. You should also submit a FOIL/FOIA request to whichever police agency would handle that area. If it’s Akron, submit there and you may get more response.

    • I have been told from Akron that it’s Erie County that handles all that, and the fire depts are bound by HIPPA laws and can’t give out info.