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Interesting People-Mr. Robert “Bob” Bowen of Akron


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 Meet Mr. Bob Bowen, 85 years young, from Akron.  As a “young and excited” man of 17,  he went and joined the United States Army.  Being that he was under 18, his Mom had to sign a waiver for him to be able to join.  After his training, he went into the 2nd Infantry division 37 infantry regiment and off to fight in Korea.  Mr. Bowen served from 1950-1953 during the Korean War, and received two Purple Hearts for his efforts.

This month Mr. Bowen was treated to an Honor Flight to Washington DC.  Honor Flight Network is a non profit organisation.  Their mission:

To transport America’s Veterans to Washington, DC to visit those memorials dedicated to honor the service and sacrifices of themselves and their friends

Buffalo has it’s own chapter called Buffalo Niagara Honor Flight.  The service is FREE for vets, caregivers/family members however have to pay their own way.  Currently priority is being given to WW2 and Korean War vets because of their advanced ages.

“People cheering really made your heart pump!” 

The Vets got back into Buffalo airport to mobs of flag waving, cheering people at 12:30AM , the airport was mobbed.  Mr. Bowen said his favorite part of his trip was “Seeing people, they still show respect, It’s overwhelming and stays with you. People cheering really made your heart pump!”  Mr.  Bowen is also a member of The Order of the Purple Heart 187, an organisation of Purple Heart recipients that help out other service members, give out scholarships etc.  

If you have a loved one that you would like to sign up for an Honor Flight OR would like to DONATE to Honor Fight please follow this link:

for more information.  

If you see Mr. Bowen around town (you can’t miss him) do yourself a favor and stop and say hi.  Maybe you will luck out like I did and get to hear some stories!  -JAP-