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Main St. Akron Picked For Major Motion Picture Location


We all knew “The Scouts” we’re roaming around town.  How could we not?  We are, after all, a small town.  The type of stuff John Mellencamp sings about.  People walking up and down Main St, dressed in black (down jackets when it was 60 degrees) was a great hint, and certainly there are no secrets in this town.

After many weeks and many locations around Western NY “scouted”, our little Akron made the cut!  The sequel to Paramount Pictures movie The Quiet Place, starring and directed by John Krasinski will have a “beefy sequence” shot right here on Main St Akron!

“After all this searching, it’s very clear that Akron Main St is perfect”-Mara, Location Manager


Last night was a Village meeting that was open to the public regarding production, logistics and impacts on Main St shop owners.  40 plus merchants from Main St attended the meeting at Village Hall last night

About 40 plus merchants from Main Street and residents attended the meeting at 6PM tonight to hear about the project and get answers to any questions and/or concerns. Most merchants were in favor, however a few needed clarification, and had concerns regarding their customers getting to them, entertainment venues that already have shows booked, tickets sold etc.  The scouting crew assured everyone that they would work with all the merchants individually find solutions that are agreeable to everyone.

So, from what I got out of this, here is how it’s going to work:

  • Shooting will be between Clinton and Buffalo Streets, this will include road closures of some side streets.
  • Shooting will be Monday Thru Friday from 6:30AM til 7:30-8:00 PM (Sunset) so no weekend activities will be affected.
  • The shooting period should be around 7 days split between 2 weeks.
  • Road closures will be during the day.  Specific hours of closures will be announced as they get closer to shooting time.
  • The Art Department will start showing up around the beginning on June to start transforming Main Street into a movie set!  They will be working on building facades, and interiors.
  • Extras:  They MAY need an extra or two, but remember that this is a post apocalyptic movie so there aren’t a lot of people around.

They are looking at starting actual production in July.  Production will bring a few more things into town:  BIG trucks, equipment, traffic that we aren’t used to, detours…and….People……lots of people!  Gawkers/Paparazzi/Security/Insert other people here, so we are going to have to be ready for that!  Remember ALL these folks need to EAT, they will need lunch, dinner, snacks, and water, candy, first aid stuff, what know what else.  Let’s welcome these folks into town, help them out, and show them that Western NY is MUCH MORE than just The City of Buffalo, chicken wings, and The Bills.

The Newsteader will try and get all scheduling information regarding road closures etc and post here as the time gets closer.  In the meantime, everyone, do a little dance, cause this is super cool!







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  1. Do you know how if they are looking for any positions to fill hopefully maybe a production assistant or even an extra and if so where I can find that information?

    • As far as I know, they are not hiring extras and they have all of their own production people. There are a few Facebook groups that are for casting calls in Buffalo, you should join those:)