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FREE Preparedness Classes from Akron Fire

Akron Fire Company to Provide Free Preparedness Classes to the Community
Akron Fire Company is pleased to announce a series of free programs to our community that will prepare all for emergency situations. AFC recognizes that emergency services are vital; however prevention and preparedness will make these services more effective especially during a large scale event or serious incident. The ability of the citizen to mitigate the problem before first responders arrive can reduce the loss of life and property. Currently scheduled courses include Disaster Preparedness Training, Stop the Bleed, and Fire Prevention and Preparedness. All training will be at the Akron Fire Hall, 1 Main St. Akron, NY 14001 at no cost to the participants.

Disaster Preparedness Training – May 30th 6:30pm
The Citizen Preparedness Corps give residents the tools and resources to prepare for any type of disaster, respond accordingly and recover as quickly as possible to pre-disaster conditions. Citizen Preparedness Corps training began in February 2014 and is held at armories and other locations, such as the State Fair. Trainings are led by the New York National Guard, working with experts from the Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services’ Office of Emergency Management and Office of Fire Prevention and Control. All training sessions are coordinated with local county emergency management personnel. The training course will provide an introduction to responding to a natural or man-made disaster. Participants will be advised on how to properly prepare for any disaster, including developing a family emergency plan and stocking up on emergency supplies. A key component of this training is distribution of free NYS Disaster Preparedness Kits to all participants (one per family) containing key items to assist individuals in the immediate aftermath of a disaster. The state training and kits will help New Yorkers be the most-trained and best-prepared citizens in the country.
The Stop the Bleed Class – June 20th 6:30
A death from uncontrolled bleeding may be a death that can be prevented. Most cases of serious bleeding are due to common accidents in and around the home, at work, or from motor vehicle crashes. A victim can bleed to death much faster than trained emergency medical services (EMS) personnel can arrive to treat them. A person nearby that individual may be the ONLY one who can make the difference between life and death. During this FREE 90-minute class, students learn how to recognize serious bleeding and ways to control it such as applying direct pressure, packing wounds, and the use of a tourniquet. All students will have the hands-on opportunity to practice these skills and will be issued a course completion certificate at the end of the class. Training is provided by the ECMC Trauma Center.

Fire Prevention and Preparedness for the Family – July 25th 6:30

The Akron Fire Company has a distinguished Fire Prevention Program brought to our children every year at school. We will be bringing this training to adults either as a refresher or to bring new material that may have changed. Presented will be information and hands on training including Smoke and CO detectors, Fire Extinguisher use and operation (hands on training), what to expect to happen as first responders arrive, how to communicate an emergency effectively and more. Learn to prepare and not panic.

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