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Julie’s Laptop 2013-2019


Julie’s Laptop

Julie’s Laptop (with ALL of The Newsteader’s stuff on it) died on Tuesday night after a short battle with a deadly virus.  Every effort was made to save it, but in the end, it……just…..died……..Julie’s Laptop is survived by Julie, Tiberius, The Newsteader.  There will be an autopsy performed to remove the hard drive, which will be destroyed, and the rest of it’s organs will be recycled into a computer near you.

Julie’s Laptop will be missed by Julie.  The Newsteader is going to suffer a bit as Julie has to now, go out and buy a new computer, set it up, and get a better backup system.  The Events Calander Techies are still hard at work trying to ge the Events Calander back to the way it was.  Everything currently works on the site. Posting is just going to be slow as equipment needs to be replaced, artwork has to be redone etc.

In leu of flowers, please donate your extra, old, obsolete parts to a recycle place near you.


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