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Celebrity Sightings in Akron Today

You have seen him in the movies, you have seen him on TV.  Today, he was in our little Akron scouting out locations for a new movie!  You may have heard of John Krasinski.  He is known best for his role as  Jim Halpert on The Office, he has won FOUR Emmy Awards to date and is a big screen guy as well.  Lots of movies to his credit: License to Wed, It’s Complicated, 13 hours (Editors note: this movie was awesome), and many more to his credit.

Mr. Krasinski and his crew were on Main St Akron today scouting locations for a sequel to the horror film A Quiet Place.  You may have seen the big, black limo bus with a bunch of folks roaming around Main St.

Hollywood folks wanting to do a horror film, and WE have an actual place called Murder Creek!  That alone should keep us in the running!

After their little tour around town, the group stopped by the Candy Apple Cafe! 


Cheryl Johannes, our fearless owner of Candy Apple posed for a pic


Emerson Polkowski, Vincent Strollo and Riley Polkowsi got in on the action too.  It would be safe to say this was these kids first pic with a bonafide celebrity, so they were pretty excited, and rightly so!

Mr. Krasinski was very approachable and was happy to pose for some snaps.  Now we all have to hope that Akron gets chosen and maybe we can all be “extras” !!


Editors Note: California people in a down jacket….WNYer’s in short sleeves 😂😂😂

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