Perplexing Changes to DWI and HWI laws coming

Currently, the DWI laws here state that if you have a BAC of .08 or above you are too drunk to be driving a car, motorcycle, lawnmower, anything with an engine.  If you blow a .18 or above, that makes it a felony DWI, and you are in even MORE trouble.  Lawmakers in NYS are right now trying to pass a bill in Assembly to lower the DWI limit to .05 and aggravated DWI to .12.

Bill Number  S05117:   Lowers the blood alcohol concentration required for driving while intoxicated from .08 of one per centum to .05, and for aggravated driving while intoxicated from .18 per centum to .12.

Here is the Bill for your review

So, basically  if you make out with Nicholas Cage, Courtney Love, (insert other drunk person here) then drive, you will get a DWI.  I won’t even get into how many restaurants this will hurt.

This new limit was PASSED in Utah recently.


At the same time the Legislature has passed a bill to lower the limit for Hunting While Intoxicated.  Yes, you read that right: Hunting While Intoxicated.  HWI limit is currently .10.  In case you don’t remember, DWI used to be .10 before they lowered it in the 90’s to .08.  NYS lawmakers want to lower the HWI limit to .08.


So, if I have this straight*:  You can run around with a LOADED WEAPON, in the woods, with a much higher BAC than would get you arrested if you were driving.

Does anyone else see anything wrong with this?  Common sense says that HWI should be zero tolerance.  Feel free to throw tomatoes at me, but the limit should be .01 for hunting.  Violate that and get arrested and lose your privilege to hunt, pay HUGE fines.

I take this as NYS says:  Don’t have a glass of wine at dinner and drive home, you might get arrested, but feel free to get DRUNK, grab a loaded weapon and go hunting??   -JAP-


*Full disclosure: I hunt and fish.

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  1. Vehicles are just as much a weapon as firearms. In fact… you’ve probably got a much higher chance of injuring or killing multiple people than while hunting. I’m not sure where to draw the line but I appreciate them working on it. Distracted driving is even worse and there are less penalties for that. Can’t wait for autonomous vehicles for all is a reality. Safer for my children…and my husband who works out on the roads outside of his vehicle.

  2. I don’t think you should drink and drive either. Wait an appropriate amount of time or use a dd.