An Important Spring Message From Akron Animal Hospital Vet Dr. Corrie

Dr. Corrie

Newstead Cat Lovers,

Spring is a time of year when the kittens start to arrive. Unfortunately, there are always more kittens than there are homes for them. Please get your cats neutered by 5 months of age, before they add to the population. Remember, one unspayed female cat can account for 5,000+ kittens in 5 years time. 

Cats were being shot and poisoned in this town.

For those of you that feed feral cats, I would like you to consider the consequences of feeding un-neutered cats. 10 years ago, the Town of Newstead had several areas that were overrun by feral cats.  Cats were being shot and poisoned in this town. Akron Animal Hospital and several rescues partnered with the help of Maddie’s fund to trap, neuter and release the feral cats. Over 500 cats were done, at great effort, by those involved. For the most part, we had the cat population under control.

Currently, several people are once again feeding un-neutered groups of cats. This will cause the overpopulation problem to sky rocket again.  Now there are no more funds to help and we have exhausted our resources.

If you are feeding groups of cats, please have them neutered. You may also slowly stop feeding in the spring and they will disperse to find another food source or learn to survive on their own. Ultimately, this is better for cats than allowing the cat population to get out of control.

Please consider what is best for all cats and neuter your cat before 5 months of age and do not feed feral cats.

Dr. Sandra Corrie

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  1. People can get ferals spayed or neutered through Operation Pets for reduced fees. Please contact them for the ferals in your area. You can also contact Feral Cat Focus for ideas on how to manage Feral populations and resources.