Local News

Political Ads Policy

It’s election season, so The Newsteader is going to be open to political ads.  Here is the policy that will be enforced:

  1.  ALL ads will be limited to a 200 words or less essay.  The essay question will be emailed to all candidates who purchase an ad.  The question will be exactly the same for everyone.
  2. If you send 201 words, the last word WILL be cut off. This way everyone gets the SAME amount of space to make their case.
  3. Political ads will have their own page where readers can go, read everything in one spot from ALL candidates, and decide for themselves.
  4. Comments will be disabled.
  5. Cost for ads is a flat $200 per ad.  Basically $1 a word, so use your words wisely.
  6. The Newsteader doesn’t care if you are a Republican, a Democrat, a Jedi, a Pizza Party person (enter some other party here), everyone will get the SAME amount of space for the same amount of money.

Politicos, contact this publication either on the “contact us” link here or through Facebook.

The End.           -JAP-