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WARNING FOR EVERYONE- Business Owners Take Note

If I Had A Million Dollars

    (I’d Be Rich)


About a week ago, I came across a story coming out of Medina (?) I think.  Don’t quote me on that, but it was there or Albion.  One of those places near US.  It was regarding FAKE $100 bills being passed around at local businesses.

TODAY, there is a report of these fake bills being passed in BATAVIA.  It is safe to assume that they are going to make it to our little town too.

So, folks and BUSINESSES  please be on the lookout for these FAKE BILLS.  They are coming (probably) from Wish.com which is a website where you can order cheap crap from China.  Full disclosure, I buy crap from there all the time (not fake money though).

The fake bills USUALLY have some Chinese writing on them someplace, but I am sure that counterfitters can probably bleach them off to pass them.

Wish.com also sells fake US Currency in OTHER DENOMINATIONS!  That will probably be the next thing, as businesses usually don’t check smaller bills. This stuff LOOKS REAL, please be alert!

I’m worried for my small business friends that only take cash.  You all really need to be diligent.

If I have time (ha ha ha), I will go to the bank and get tips on how to spot fakes and post it for you all.  PLEASE WARN YOUR FRIENDS!