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Local Business Spotlight: Champion Hill Horse Farm



Olivia and Josh Piatt with “Tessa”

Olivia and Josh Piatt started in the horse farm business by renting stall space 14 years ago.  Six years later, they took the plunge and bought their own farm.  For eight years they have been running Champion Horse Farm.

Champion Hill Horse Farm is located on Kirby Rd right here in Newstead.  33 horses live and board at Champion at any given time.  They have seven pastures to graze in and nice, big comfy stalls to relax in.

As well as the outdoor riding ring, Champion also offers an INDOOR ring for all year round riding!

I was really astounded at all the different things Champion offers.  For example, they bring in clinicians from all over the country to do specialized clinics and prepare show riders.   Champion offers riding lessons for adults and kids.  There is even a nice, cozy lounge above the indoor ring to relax In while your child has their lessons.  Kind of like a “press box”.  Not to mention random herding dogs (who love getting pets) and some barn cats roaming around.

Don’t know what to do when your kid is off of school for Winter/Spring/Summer break?  Champion offers day camps on off school days during breaks.  Does your child have a special birthday coming up?  You can book a PRIVATE Pony Party for your child that includes; Riding, Mini Horsemanship lessons like grooming etc.

For the record a “pony” is NOT A BABY HORSE.  A baby horse is called a FOAL.  To be considered a “pony” the animal must measure UNDER 14.2 hands.  A “hand” is the unit of measurement used to measure height in horse-world.  A hand is about 4″, and the measurement is taken from the ground to the top of the shoulders (withers).

Do you have a horse that needs training, well they do that too.  Here is Josh training a horse in their nice indoor ring now.

I really enjoyed my tour of Champion Hill.  From outside (in Winter anyway) it’s hard to imagine that there is space for all of the activities offered here.

  • Riding lessons-Saddleseat, Huntseat, Western and Driving
  • Private parties
  • Boarding
  • Horse Training
  • Horse Shows
  • Specialized Clinics
  • Day Camps

They really have it all.  To book your child’s next party, sign up for lessons, or for more information you can go to their web site Champion Hill Horse Farm  and you can find them on Facebook.  You have roughly 2 months to get ready for the Spring Horse Show on April 15, so giddy up!




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