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*Clarification Regarding Cedar/Carney Accident*

Yesterday I reported on a terrible collision at Cedar and Carney.  I showed up at the scene shortly after it happened.  Our First Responders were on scene, doing what they do.  When stuff like this happens, I have to ask questions, right?  While this is going on, everyone is full of adrenalin, running around and really don’t need ME distracting them.

I just want to get the “what happened?” and get out-of-the-way so they can do their jobs.

That being said, I misunderstood the info that was given to me regarding who hit who, and who blew the stop sign.  Someone has brought this to my attention, and I called the authorities to check. Indeed, either I misunderstood, misheard, or there was just so much going on that wires got crossed.

I apologize for the error, these things are bound to happen in the heat of things.  I would rather take my lumps and make a correction later than be in the way of people trying to work. 

The point of the story wasn’t a who hit who, and who is responsible for it.  I don’t even print names, and there was no picture of the other vehicle. The point was to bring the problems at this intersection to light.  Too many people have been hit, injured, and too many cars have been totaled INCLUDING MINE.

This issue is VERY important to me, and apparently a lot of you.  Let’s all try to come up with ideas and work together to find a solution, follow through and get this done. -JAP-

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