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Terrible accident at Cedar and Carney Rd Intersection

At around 11:15-ish this morning a Truck ran the stop sign at Cedar and Carney and smashed into another car.

Akron Police, Akron Fire, Erie County Sheriffs and Twin City were all on scene. Officer Martinelli from Akron Police Informed me that there were no injuries (!!), and the driver of the red car is pretty shook up.  Understandably so.  This writer had her own experience at this intersection on January 26, 2012 and will be writing an editorial about it later.  Something NEEDS to be done here before someone gets killed!  In the meantime, BRAVO First Responders!!  -JAP-

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  1. People not paying attention to what they are supposed to be doing….. driving. I have gone through that intersection frequently and if you are aware that Cedar Rd does not have to stop .

  2. There is nothing wrong with this intersection I live and grew up on this corner I watch people go by my house talking on cellphones or talking to the other people in the car. Pay attention to the road, the signs are as plan as the nose on your face.!!!!

  3. Change the headline. Absolutely ridiculous. No one was injured = not a terrible accident. This community has gone through enough tragedy and doesn’t need this clickbait to scare them.

  4. I live near this intersection. Every single accident has been caused by someone not stopping for the stop signs on Carney. A couple years ago, bigger stop signs and “cross traffic does not stop” signs were installed. And the crashes keep happening. Changing the traffic flow would have to be achieved by making it a 4 way stop. This is a rural intersection. Unfortunately, distracted drivers will continue to blow through the signs whether it’s a 2 way stop or a 4 way stop.