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Akron Masonic Lodge 29th Annual Game Dinner


The Masons 29th annual game dinner took place last night at the Akron Fire Company.  The event has grown so much through the years that the actual Masons Lodge is too small to hold the event, so it was moved to Akron Fire.   Masons put on this dinner once a year to raise money for education.  They award scholarship each to: Akron, Alden and Clarence Schools.  The most money ever raised was $18,000.  Numbers for this one are not available as of this writing.

Lots of interesting things on the menu, and I tried ALL of it.  Surprisingly, nothing had that gamy taste that turns some people off.   All of the meat offered was donated by members like Ed Rohan donated two black bears and some venison.  Jim Kron donated a pig (a heck of a lot of time) from his farm.  Apparently no one got a wild boar this year, so farmed pig it was…….And I am going to say that it was delish!  The pig was prepared by Harold Frey and Mike Calle.



There was:

Rabbit Stir Fry, excellent.

Bruin Balls (bear meatballs).   They were good, a bit on the dry side.  I would have added a little fat to moisten them up.   Then this:

32CC65BB-6094-4959-9DC0-220F93B61504   You know you are at a game dinner when there is shot in your meat 😁😁.  I’m glad the guy didn’t break a tooth!

Bear Roast was excellent.  It really just tasted like beef.  There was fresh salmon, venison chili, venison sausage and even some Mule Deer.

So many raffles were going on too:


chainsaws , a great toolbox and of course plenty of guns, a 50/50 and a basket raffle.  I won nothing 😕.

Then it was cake time!  This cake was made by Darlene Jago, and she did a great job of getting these cool game pictures printed in sugar for the top.  It was a lemony type cake with lemon filling and the frosting was perfect, not just sugar.


The last thing to happen was the raffles.  While they were calling out numbers, a medical emergency happened.  A gentleman collapsed right in front of the cake and hit the ground HARD!  People started screaming “MEDIC”!  The folks at the tables near the cake jumped up and dragged the tables and chairs out of the way as fast as possible.  So many people jumped into action immediately it was hard to keep up with what was going on.  At one point, I could see someone on the ground furiously pumping this mans heart, guys ran into the other room and came out with a defibrillator!  The whole room fell silent, a few gentlemen removed their caps, and everyone waited.  I swear you could feel the man’s energy leave the room for a few moments, I can’t even describe it. Our First Responders jumped into in action, and saved this mans life!!  The room was silent and you could hear the difribulator “talking” to the EMTs and beeping.  Once they got him back, and his head stabilized (he hit it pretty hard) , they got him on the gurney and off they went, sirens blaring to hospital.

I left right afterwords.  My feeling as I am now “the press” is that people need privacy when stuff like this happens.  They don’t need people like me hanging around and asking a bunch of questions.  IF the people involved would like to be recognized in this publication, PLEASE contact The Newsteader through any of the links on the site or Facebook.  We would love to celebrate your heroics, and do a piece on you.  If not, that’s fine too.  I leave that up to the heroes that jumped in, in the middle of a huge event like that, and saved this man.

I am just in awe!  WELL DONE!!  -JAP_