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Scam call of the day


I just received a robo-type call from some guy (a robot, but a GOOD robot, they are sounding more like real people!) from the “Police Confrence of NY” blathering on about “joining” and “support” for “the police” blah blah blah “window sticker” blah blah blah.  Trying to solicit money (of course).   I checked it out and , of course it is a scam.  If I got it (on my landline) that means everyone else with a 542 number is probably getting it too.  It’s pretty obviously fake, but clearly could convince some people.  If you know anyone who could fall for this one, please pass it on.  This is a new one to me.  -JAP-

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  1. We have Spectrum. I have called them and asked if they would put a block on my phone for robo-calls. They did. Your phone will ring once, and only once. There is no charge for this.