Do you want a Newsteader App?

Me too, but right now it is cost prohibitive.  Getting an actual app is going to take a while (and $$$).

In the meantime, my 80 year old (yes, EIGHTY year old Dad) found the hack if you have an iphone/pad to make a pseudo app.


Get to the web site through Safari on your phone/pad.  Once that comes up, go to the bottom of your screen and tap that square (see picture)




Another menu will appear.  Swipe through until you locate the “Add to home screen” icon, and select it.


And then POOF!  Like magic, there is an icon for The Newteader right on your screen.  Now you don’t have to go through Facebook to get here.  Who knew?  My 80 year old Dad apparently.

It will bring up the mobile version of the site.  If you want the FULL version, just scrool to the bottom and click “view full site”.

I am sure there is something similar for those of you on Android, but I don’t have a clue.  If anyone would like to contribute, please do!

It really works.  -JAP-


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