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For the Benefit of Mark Buell’s Plight, There will be a Show Tonight at C. Dee Wright

On November 15 of last year fire decimated Nickel City Arts.  The fire displaced Mark Buell, his cat, and caused major damage to the building.  Mark worked and lived here.  As a result of the fire, the Orange Crush Sign that is so iconic to downtown Akron was wrecked.

There was a benefit for Mark in Buffalo a few weeks back at Sportsman’s Tavern.  Mark wanted me to let everyone know how thankful he is for that, and THIS BENEFIT is actually not for him, but for The Crush Sign itself.

Friend’s and musicians are coming together at C. Dee Wright Center  Saturday, February 23.  There will be basket raffles, 50/50’s , music (duh) , fellowship and FUN from 7:00-10:00 PM.

Please come out and support this event as we NEED our sign back up 🙂  This is a FREE event, but donations won’t be turned away!

Please  e-mail roso6085@aol.com or call Walt @ 542-4902 for information or save your seat.  The Newsteader will certainly be there with bells on.   -JAP-