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Follow up on Downed Poles on Flint

What a disaster yesterday on Jackson at Flint Rd.  5 Poles down, snapped in half, people bailing out their sump pits from no power and water melting everywhere!

A reader, who lives on Flint commented on The Newsteader Facebook page about her experience.  One of the poles fell right in front of her house, husband was bailing water so the sump didn’t overflow. Our Akron Polie stopped by to see if they were ok, and an hour later Akron Fire brought over a generator to get the sump pump running!   Cheers to our local departments for that!  They really went above and beyond.  Power was restored around 9:pm last night, and the utility workers worked though all that terrible weather!

Shouts Outs To:  DPW,  Spectrum Cable, Akron Power, Verizon, Akron Fire, And Akron Police for doing an amazing job dealing with this. (I hope I didn’t forget anyone)

I returned to the area today to get some snaps of the shiny new utility poles


Spoke with the Verizon guys, they said Verizon main cables are restored.  Brad, from Akron power said poles are up, and power restored, but transformers still need to be replaced.  Cold Spring Construction was the only place with no power yet, but they had a big Generac generator on site.

Now, we just sit back, and hope the wind storm tonight doesn’t create more chaos!


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