Fun at The Ice Rink

Traveling around town today, I was curious to see what everyone was up to after being cooped up like chickens for the past few days.  It’s pretty deserted as snow crews are still cleaning up.  The roads are still slippery, and there are still traffic cones up at 5 corners.

Another reason why our town is so cool is that we have this neat natural skating rink.  They (whoever “they” are) flood the field in Winter and make a community skating rink that anyone can use!  You certainly don’t see stuff like this in many places anymore.

I took a ride by the Ice Rink to see if there was any action and ran into these guys getting suited up and ready for some hockey!   I was surprised to learn that Akron schools don’t have Hockey teams. I mean, we are practically Canadian!

From the Senior Class of Akron High School, check out these handsome devils!



“The Fam” : Goalie Matthew Delre, Vincent Strollo, Kaleb Delaney, Teddy Cozzarin and Riley Polkowski

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