Month: February 2019

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Wii Bowling     8:30 AM

Dinner & a Movie Night: An Elephant’s Journey    5:00 PM


Akron Mobile Home Park Update

Today was court for some residents at Akron Mobile Home Park.  They are facing eviction by a Florida investment company that buys up mobile home parks (which really should be rebranded as Manufactured Home Parks, but that an issue for another day).

The Florida company is called Sunrise Capital Investors (SCI).  They basically buy up Manufactured Home Parks, bundle them into an investment product, and sell shares to people.  Kind of like a mutual fund, but it owns actual properties and not equities.  Their web site says their benchmark return on investment is 12% and total return target of  18-20%.

Their web site is confusing in the fact that the “links” on the top don’t take you anywhere, you just have to keep scrolling down to get info.  When you get to the info for where the “link” should have taken you, the “link” lights up. I went there a few months ago and there was much more info about how to invest with them, what the minimum investment was, the three tiers they offered etc.  I can’t find any of that now. The only way to get any information about any of their investment products is to click a “contact us” button (nothing happened), fill out a “Contact us” type form, you can click a link that says “Schedule a call” that takes you to a calendar, and there is a general email address.

I then tried the links for “Mobile Home Park Fund” and it didn’t work, and neither did the “investing through self-directed IRA” link.

Here is their web address:  Try it for yourself!

The tenants of our park have been on a rent strike for 3 months time.  The money is safe, in an escrow account for now waiting for this to get worked out.  Some of the tenants complaints are:

SCI raised the rent by an unreasonable amount and has made it unaffordable for some residents to stay in their homes.

Bad to no maintenance at all, a lot is in regards to winter plowing and salting roads in the park.

There is an issue with the water billing that needs to be addressed as well.  Some residents told me that: One person got a bill for hundreds of dollars and another person got a bill for……twelve cents.  Another issue is the property tax issue.  I don’t have details on that at this time.

They also say that SCI hasn’t gone through the proper process to evict them.

So there is your backstory.  This story has been covered by TIME magazine and a local TV channel as well, just in case you are interested in more details than I have. Here is the link to the story WIVB from Buffalo did.


Many residents of the park were in attendance as was I.  SCI was being represented by, well, I forgot his name, and here is why:  I was introduced to this guy and 5 other people all at the same time upon walking in.  Later, when I went to try and talk to him, I asked him his name, and if he could tell me what was going on so I could get it right. He just turned his back to me and said “You have to talk to our PR guy…….” and walked away.

So, I don’t know his name even though he was the “representative for SCI”.  He reminded me of “Pharma Bro”, remember him?  If you don’t, just Google Pharma Bro.  So, for the sake of the rest of this story, I will refer to this guy as “Sunrise Bro”.

Then the Judge came in, and apparently SCI’s attorney, Sean Makenzie was running late (winter wednesday).  So, in the meantime, we got to watch *cue music* Traffic Court!  The highlight of that was a teenage girl that got busted speeding (?) texting (?) some teenage driver thing (?).  Her punishment was to write an essay about distracted driving and read it to the court.  Wasn’t it her lucky day that the whole Akron Mobile Home Park thing was happening so it was a packed house!  Poor kid.  She did great though, and made a great case about distracted driving and how dangerous it is.

When Mr. Makenzie got in,  Judge Campbell called up both sides.  AMHP was being represented by Micheal Kooshoian.

Judge Campbell asked Mr. Makenzie if he was there to get people evicted today, and Mr. Makenzie said yes.  The Judge then asked Mr Makenzie how he was supposed to even know what was going on when he had only received the paperwork at 1:30 today.  They argued back and forth for a while, but really, the Judge had adjourned the case I couldn’t count how many times.  Mr. Makenzie said that the tenants were just “putting up a smoke screen” just so they didn’t have to pay rent and made a motion to move forward, which was denied.

Between SCI’s lawyers not getting the information to Judge Campbell in a timely manner, and the many conflicts of interest because this is a small town and everyone knows everyone, Court was adjourned.

SCI did settle a few cases with some residents, and withdrew action against them.  ALL the other eviction cases will come back on March 27.

I tried to talk to “Sunrise Bro” again, but he brushed me off and gave me a phone number of some “PR person” in Florida to call.  Mr Makenzie was “Not authorized to give any statements” and also told me to call the  “PR department” for comments.   Mr. Kooshoian said that there are so many conflicts of interest, this whole issue might get moved to another court.  Other than that, no comment.

For now…….The residents of Akron Mobile Home Park get a reprieve, and…….We wait.   -JAP-

WARNING FOR EVERYONE- Business Owners Take Note

If I Had A Million Dollars

    (I’d Be Rich)


About a week ago, I came across a story coming out of Medina (?) I think.  Don’t quote me on that, but it was there or Albion.  One of those places near US.  It was regarding FAKE $100 bills being passed around at local businesses.

TODAY, there is a report of these fake bills being passed in BATAVIA.  It is safe to assume that they are going to make it to our little town too.

So, folks and BUSINESSES  please be on the lookout for these FAKE BILLS.  They are coming (probably) from which is a website where you can order cheap crap from China.  Full disclosure, I buy crap from there all the time (not fake money though).

The fake bills USUALLY have some Chinese writing on them someplace, but I am sure that counterfitters can probably bleach them off to pass them. also sells fake US Currency in OTHER DENOMINATIONS!  That will probably be the next thing, as businesses usually don’t check smaller bills. This stuff LOOKS REAL, please be alert!

I’m worried for my small business friends that only take cash.  You all really need to be diligent.

If I have time (ha ha ha), I will go to the bank and get tips on how to spot fakes and post it for you all.  PLEASE WARN YOUR FRIENDS!

What’s Happening Today


Watercolor Class   3 PM

Niagara-Orleans-Monroe-Northern Erie-Genesee-Wyoming-Southern Erie-


Snow expected. Total snow accumulations of 4 to 7 inches expected.
Plan on slippery road conditions. The hazardous conditions will impact the
 Wednesday evening commute.

Local Business Spotlight: Champion Hill Horse Farm


Olivia and Josh Piatt with “Tessa”

Olivia and Josh Piatt started in the horse farm business by renting stall space 14 years ago.  Six years later, they took the plunge and bought their own farm.  For eight years they have been running Champion Horse Farm.

Champion Hill Horse Farm is located on Kirby Rd right here in Newstead.  33 horses live and board at Champion at any given time.  They have seven pastures to graze in and nice, big comfy stalls to relax in.

As well as the outdoor riding ring, Champion also offers an INDOOR ring for all year round riding!

I was really astounded at all the different things Champion offers.  For example, they bring in clinicians from all over the country to do specialized clinics and prepare show riders.   Champion offers riding lessons for adults and kids.  There is even a nice, cozy lounge above the indoor ring to relax In while your child has their lessons.  Kind of like a “press box”.  Not to mention random herding dogs (who love getting pets) and some barn cats roaming around.

Don’t know what to do when your kid is off of school for Winter/Spring/Summer break?  Champion offers day camps on off school days during breaks.  Does your child have a special birthday coming up?  You can book a PRIVATE Pony Party for your child that includes; Riding, Mini Horsemanship lessons like grooming etc.

For the record a “pony” is NOT A BABY HORSE.  A baby horse is called a FOAL.  To be considered a “pony” the animal must measure UNDER 14.2 hands.  A “hand” is the unit of measurement used to measure height in horse-world.  A hand is about 4″, and the measurement is taken from the ground to the top of the shoulders (withers).

Do you have a horse that needs training, well they do that too.  Here is Josh training a horse in their nice indoor ring now.

I really enjoyed my tour of Champion Hill.  From outside (in Winter anyway) it’s hard to imagine that there is space for all of the activities offered here.

  • Riding lessons-Saddleseat, Huntseat, Western and Driving
  • Private parties
  • Boarding
  • Horse Training
  • Horse Shows
  • Specialized Clinics
  • Day Camps

They really have it all.  To book your child’s next party, sign up for lessons, or for more information you can go to their web site Champion Hill Horse Farm  and you can find them on Facebook.  You have roughly 2 months to get ready for the Spring Horse Show on April 15, so giddy up!




What’s Happening Today


Toddler Time   11:00 AM


Texas Hold ‘Em       4:30 PM

14 Ways to Preserve Your Assets With The Medicaid Law   6:00 PM

C Dee Wright Center:

Akron Parents of Children with Special Needs                       7:30 PM

Korn & Alice in Chains Concert Announcement

Korn and Alice in Chains with Underoath and Ho99o9 coming to Darien Lake August, 2.

Tix on sale March 1 @ 10 AM.  $29.50 to $125 from  Live Nation and Ticketmaster.

Police Beat Announcement

I had a request to get the Erie County Sheriff’s blotter.  You asked for it, here it is!  We will now be posting AKRON POLICE AND ERIE COUNTY SHERIFF REPORTS every monday!

Here is Erie County for now, I think our Akron Police are just busy as heck today….Will post report as soon as it comes in:

AKRON FOR THE WEEK OF 02/17/2019 TO 02/23/2019

Police responded to a report of people fighting on Main St. The compliant was unfounded.
First Aid responded to Pearl St for a lift assist.
First Aid responded to Westgate Ave for a list assist.
The Fire Department and Erie County Sheriff Fire Investigators responded to Kathryn Dr for a report
of a chimney fire.
Police responded to McNeely Rd for a report of a disturbance.
First Aid responded to Westgate Ave.
First Aid responded to Church St for a female with a cardiac issue.
A concerned motorist reported a vehicle traveling recklessly on Main Rd. Police stopped the vehicle
a short time later and advised them.
A burglar alarm was activated on Main Rd. It was a false alarm.

A burglar alarm was activated on East Ave. It was a false alarm.

The Fire Department responded to Main St for a CO Detector activation.
Police assisted with a harassment complaint on S Newstead Rd.
First Aid responded to Barnum Rd for a male with a head injury.
First Aid responded to Maple Rd for a lift assist.
Deputies stopped a vehicle on Crittenden Rd. A routine check of the operator’s license showed it was
suspended for failure to answer a summons. They were charged with aggravated unlicensed
First Aid responded to Maple Rd.
A burglar alarm was activated on Main Rd. It was set off in error.
A burglar alarm was activated on Main St. It was a false alarm.
A burglar alarm was activated on Oak St. It was set off in error.
A one car motor vehicle accident was reported on Carney Rd. A vehicle left the roadway and struck a
pole. No injuries were reported.
First Aid responded to Holly St for a female with chest pains.
A burglar alarm was activated on Crittenden Rd. It was a false alarm.
The Fire Department responded to Main Rd for a CO Detector activation.



02/19 – Patrol responded to a Church Street residence.
Erratic operation was reported on Main Road, the vehicle was stopped
and everything checked okay.
An alarm was reported on East Avenue, everything appeared secure.
02/20 – A carbon monoxide detector was activated at a Main Street business, it
was a malfunction.
A fire alarm was activated on Main Street, it was a false alarm.
A car went off the road on Parkview Drive, it will be removed later.
02/22 – Disorderly youths were reported on Cedar Street, four teenagers were
taken home and their parents advised.
An alarm was reported at a Main Street business, it was accidental by an
A property damage accident was investigated on Cedar Street, two cars
were involved.
An alarm was reported on Oak Street, it was a malfunction.
02/24 – Patrol responded to a first-aid call on Scotland Road.


A fire alarm was reported on Lewis Road, it was caused by a power
Patrol responded to a first-aid on Cedar Street.
Wires were taken down on Hunts-Corners Road when a tree fell.
Wires were down on John Street and Flint Street.
Bloomingdale Road was obstructed for a while due to low hanging wires,
they were raised.


Chief Lauricella is pleased to announce that in cooperation with the Erie
County Sheriff’s Office, there will be a CHILD CARSEAT SAFETY CHECK on March 2,
2019 from 9:00AM to 2:00PM at the Akron Central School bus garage located on
John Street. Officers will check carseat installation, proper fit to the child, as well
as expiration and recall status.

The Latest 11:00 am storm report

There is STILL a travel advisory in effect for Erie County.

There is BLACK ICE EVERYWHERE, if you are going out, BE MINDFUL OF THIS!

Schools closed, everyone already knows that.

763 customers still without power in Newstead

Spectrum Cable has full on outages all over, that’s phone/tv and internet

Wind Advisory has been extended until 4PM

The wind is still so bad that utility workers are basically stuck in their trucks waiting for it to die down as it is unsafe for them to work in high winds.

From the National Weather Service:

Wind Advisory

National Weather Service Buffalo NY
949 AM EST Mon Feb 25 2019

Niagara-Orleans-Northern Erie-Genesee-Chautauqua-Southern Erie-
Including the cities of Niagara Falls, Medina, Buffalo, Batavia,
Jamestown, Orchard Park, and Springville
949 AM EST Mon Feb 25 2019


The National Weather Service in Buffalo has issued a Wind
Advisory, which is in effect until 4 PM EST this afternoon. The
High Wind Warning has been cancelled.

* LOCATIONS...Niagara, Orleans, Erie, Genesee, and Chautauqua

* TIMING...Through late this afternoon.

* WINDS...West 25 to 35 mph with gusts up to 50 mph.

* IMPACTS...Strong wind gusts will bring down trees and power
  lines and result in numerous power outages. Shallow rooted
  pines will be particularly vulnerable. Minor property damage
  is also possible, especially to roofs and siding. Travel in
  high profile vehicles will be very difficult at times.