Clarification on Scotland Rd closure last night-A note from the editor

Yesterday evening I posted about a road closure on Scotland Rd, Newstead.  A reader blasted me on Facebook claiming that  this was false information, and I just want to clarify, as this was NOT false information.

In a storm like this one, I get the bulk of my information from the police scanner.  I report on what I hear if there is enough info to report on.  Here is what happened:

A report came through from the Sheriffs saying that there was a huge drift by the Akron Airport on Scotland Rd.  The Sheriffs said that they were going get hold of Akron Police to see if they should close that part of the road.  Remember this is all scanner chat during a blizzard.  Then someone (maybe a sheriff) said to just close it.  I posted it on Facebook as I thought it would be relevant for anyone trying to get out here.  Then someone blasted me, and  said it was false information etc etc….5 Minutes after that TOTAL TRAVEL BAN in AKRON/NEWSTEAD.

Being that we were in the middle of the biggest storm in years, and I am the Editor, Reporter, Photographer, Videographer, producer, intern, art dept and everything else for this site….5000 things were going on at once, and I don’t have a trained clone to watch everything.  It was HARD!  News was coming out SO FAST I could hardly keep up.  Sometimes things get mish mashed and people send me corrections, which are WELCOME.  But this was NOT FALSE REPORTING.

TODAY I called and followed up with Akron Police and Akron Fire.  Here is the information I got:  All they know is that there was a vehicle off the road by the airport, and  a tow had to be called in to drag it out.   The Sheriffs just dealt with it without calling in Akron.  I am not calling the Sheriffs to verify as they have enough on their plate today to deal with, and I think it is quite obvious what happened.  I actually drive that road daily and know how it gets in that spot with blowing snow.  It looks like Albino Egypt sand dunes.

I am going to assume, they closed that part of the road to clear the accident and then there was a travel ban anyway.

I’m doing my BEST here to keep you all, my neighbors informed with no help.  Little glitches and misunderstandings like that are going to happen when news is flying out at a pace like that.  I am the first to admit that I am not perfect, but I am doing the best I possibly can.

I look forward to reporting on something other than our lovely, ever changing Great Lakes Weather shortly!  I have a terrific recipe for you all, keep your eyes on this space!



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  1. You are doing a great job. We look forward to your reporting and updates. You and your service is an asset to the community. Don’t be disheartened by one negative individual.