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The next few days are going to be challenging.  It’s going to snow……a LOT and be EXTREMELY cold.  It’s going to be the kind of cold that : breaks water mains, makes everyone’s furnace quit, frozen and burst pipes in your house/garage/barn, all of that.  This thing, called Jaden, is an Alberta Clipper on its way here from the West.  We should start seeing signs of it tomorrow around 4 pm.

That means there is ONE more day to make SURE you have all your stuff done before this is upon us.  Keep in mind, that with temps that low, you should just STAY HOME.  Aside from the fact that the plows need you off the road so they can dig us out, and first responders don’t need you in the way either.

This is what is forecasted for the next few days:

Tomorrow starting around 4pm and ending Thursday morning:  REALLY heavy snowfall along with wicked wind which will bring the windchill down around -25(!!).   Windchills this low can produce frostbitten skin in as little as 15 minutes.  That is why there is also a “Wind Chill Warning” in addition.    During this time, travel could become IMPOSSIBLE.  If you actually go out, you could end up trapped in your car….for hours.  I, personally did 28 hours on the Thruway just West of Clarence Service Plaza during the October Storm.  It was horrible, but thankfully I had a full tank of gas, and it wasn’t in single digits.

Single digits make all kinds of things happen as referenced above.  Other things too like elderly people and people with breathing problems in general can’t breathe in that.  Either stay indoors, or breathe through a scarf if you HAVE to go out.  Don’t even go out to get the mail, it’ll still be there when the temp rises. Locks freeze.  People slip and fall and break hips and things.   Then the ice dams.  They have already started on a lot of houses.  The coming snow is going to make them worse.  More about that later.

For now:

We have several days of single digit to negative temps to deal with along with all the wind and snow.  PLEASE prepare, PLEASE be safe.  Make sure you can get by for 2 – 3 days without having to go anyplace.  The Newsteader will keep you informed throughout as updates become available.  -JAP-


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