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Cheektowaga Police are warning about NEW phone scams happening in the area

That means it is going to start happening here as well.  Make sure you let your elderly parents/friends know this is going on as these are the folks who usually get taken.

Police are warning about the following phone scams:

  1.  From the IRS that you owe $$ and they are coming to arrest you any second.  This one has been around for a while.  The IRS does NOT contact people via PHONE.  They send scary letters through the mail!
  2.  Scammers pretend to be from a utility company and say you owe $$ NOW, and if you don’t pay NOW, they are going to shut your power/heat/insert other thing here off.  They have the homeowner go and get GIFT CARDS and call back another phone number to provide gift card numbers.  (seriously people fall for this).  National Grid, Fuel, and every other utility does NOT TAKE PAYMENT IN THE FORM OF GIFT CARDS!!!
  3.   Unknown person calls and pretends to be a family member in distress and they need bail $$ and ask for you to go to Western Union and wire cash, call with gift card #’s etc.

If you get ay of these calls HANG UP and call your local police to report it!   If the call is questionable, HANG UP, and call the utility/person directly and see what if it is legit.  The same thing for emails that look legit.  Don’t click on any links.  Go to the web site directly, and sign into your account.  These people think up new ways to try and scam people all the time.  Some of them REALLY look legit!

Whenever I get the IRS one, I blast Money Talks by AC/DC at them at a ridiculous volume to hopefully blow out their eardrum.  Just a thought.  -JAP-

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