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**The Day After**

The Akron/Newstead area had quite the Lake Effect Event last night.  The Newsteader tracked the weather for a few days leading up to this.  For a while, the Federal government was shut down, which in turn had the National Weather Service staffed with a skeleton crew.  Updates were forthcoming only a few times a day.  It was so strange, it seemed that as soon as they opened the Gov’t back up, the forecasters were updating much more frequently.

Lake Effect is a funny thing.  You never “really” know what it going to happen, until it happens.  This particular band sort of wobbled South to North then back South again, and now I think it is terrorizing Fredonia.  You just have to be ready for the worst!

Our area got easily over a foot of new, fluffy white stuff overnight. But North Boston NY wins for the most snow overnight measuring in at 21.3”!!

I went driving around today, after the plows of course, to see what everyone was up to.

In my travels I ran into:


Dave and Georgia Rebmann


Kate and Clara Bogdan

Kate and Clara were working hard shoveling, but took a break to do some sledding down the mountain of snow in the front yard!

Remember when you thought a snow bank like that was The HUGEST snow mountain you have ever seen?

The skating rink was closed, and most folks were just out snow blowing, shoveling etc today.

Looking forward, the Polar Vortex comes back for a visit this week.  Temps are going to PLUNGE yet again.  The Newsteader will keep you up to speed on what to expect weather wise.  And sometime, in the near future, there will be more actual articles now that I am not glued to the weather reports!

Enjoy the beautiful SUNSHINE today!  -JAP-

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