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Fun at Akron Falls Park-After The Storm


After Winter Storm Harper

I went driving around this AM to see what was going on around town after Winter Storm Harper.  All over town, people are out shoveling, and snow blowing.  The plow trucks are doing the best they can, but there is still snow/ice nastiness on a LOT of roads.

I made it to Akron Falls Park to see if anyone was crazy enough to be out frolicking in this bitter cold.


The Posse

I found a Posse :  Joshua Pfennig, Peter Becker, Aurora Hockwater, Kylee Fordsha and Adriana Militello all bundled up and ready for some sledding action.  The snow is perfect for sledding right now, just soft, white powder.


Here are some folks having a terrific sledding adventure!  Brett Maloney, Eva Sage, Adam Maloney and then Graham Henderson and Hope taking their turns.  I wonder how long they lasted because it was COLD!  So cold, in fact, that my fingers froze, and I hope I got all these names right!  Please send corrections from the “contact us” link if need be!

Enjoy the snow!  Be mindful that the WIND CHILL ALERTS are coming!  -JAP-


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