Have you heard about #thestew?

#thestew is simply a Middle Eastern style chickpea stew recipe that a woman a woman named Alison Roman had published  in The New York Times recently.  Since then, #thestew has taken on a life of it’s own and people are making it, and posting pics (but of course) all over the internet.

With a wicked storm closing in, and bitter cold behind it,  it’s time prepare for a few days indoors.  In this house, that means cooking!  One thing on the menu this weekend is going to be #thestew.  I just HAVE to do it.

If any of the foodies in the room want to try it with me,  #thestew recipe is HERE.   I am posting this NOW so you can get your ingredients.   Don’t forget to take pics for The Newsteader!  -JAP-