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Community Meeting Re: Akron Mobile Home Park tonight

There will be a community meeting regarding the recent  issues at the Akron Mobile Home Park TONIGHT @ 6:30 pm at Calvary Baptist Chirch on Lewis St.  Everyone is welcome to attend.  This is regarding the new, our if State company that purchased the park last year.  The residents have been dealing with unaffordable  rent increases and a decrease in services.  They have been on a rent strike for several months, and are now faced with evictions.

Last week, several residents of the park went to Florida to confront the new owners regarding these issues.  Tonight we find out what happened.  -JAP-

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  1. Here is the pamphlets that are at the Akron Mobile Home Park maintenance building to go along with the “homes for sale” flags at the entrances of the MHP. I love how it states “We offer charming homes and generously sized lots for every need and every budget”. So that is why Sunrise Capital Investors has raised the rents so much that low income, fixed income, and elderly cannot afford their lot rents????? What bullshit!!!! Love how they say that Perry’s Ice Cream is a restaurant in Akron. Again shows how Sunrise Capital knows nothing of our community.