Ground Control to Pembroke School

20 students from Pembroke Jr/Sr High School participated in a live question and answer session with an astronaut on the International Space Station this morning.  Pembroke was one of only 7 schools worldwide to be chosen for this contact.  Each student was allowed one question for Canadian Astronaut  David Saint Jacque.

       After watching a short film about our Astronaut, we waited anxiously for the ISS to pass over Argentina.  That is where the antenna is located that the students will be communicating through.  The teachers lined the students up on the stage by the podium, and reminded them to say “over” when they were done asking their question.  You could hear audible gasps in the crowd when the first crackles came over the PA.  One by one the members of the Earth Science Club, also known as “Nerd Space Club”, came up to the mic and nervously asked their questions.  There was a lot of static, but that’s what you get when you are broadcasting from 220 miles above the Earth going around 17,500 MPH !

Here are a few little snippets of ISS Astronaut Chat LIVE from Pembroke Jr/Sr High School:

Unfortunately, after 8 and half minutes or so, time ran out and the sound from the ISS signal got fuzzy as it went out of range.  A few disappointed students didn’t get to ask their questions.  The good news is, we all learned more today about life in space, and actually heard it from the Astronaut’s mouth.  Not many people can say that they have been in the same room while someone is speaking to another human being in orbit.  Having actually talked to one, well, that’s a pretty small club to be in.  Congrats to Pembroke Earth Science Club, well done!  JAP

Here are a few reactions from students: