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**Urgent** Help for Lockport Couple Needed

The Backstory:

This is all related to what is going on at Akron Mobile Home Park.

Dwayne Swanson has lived at The Woodlands Mobile Home Park for 12 years.  He says he has never been late on his lot rent.  Last year, right before Christmas, a big corporation bought the park.  These companies treat mobile parks like commodities.  They put them in investment portfolios and sell “units” to investors.  More about THAT in a later writing.  What these places do is, raise the rent on people to unsustainable levels to get rid of them and their older homes to make room for nether homes so they can hike up the rent.  That raises land value, and then they sell out.  In the meantime, they cut services, kick people out, and do whatever they can to make more $ for their investors.

Back to Mr. Swanson’s situation.  The short version of the story is:  First he got the letter about the lot rent going up…..Later, He got a letter with 30 days notice to vacate right before the holiday season kicked in.  The new owners are trying to get rid of all of the older mobile homes to make way for the newer ones that they can charge much more rent for.  In Mr.  Swanson’s case, his home is from 1985 and can’t be moved.  He has been fighting tooth and nail in the courts to be able to stay in the park, and his rent is up to date.  He got eve]cited anyway, and as of TODAY, he is HOMELESS!  To add insult to injury, the night before the eviction, his wife started having trouble breathing and was rushed to the hospital with a blood clot in her lung (!!).

I am posting this today, because he NEEDS temporary housing!  He is currently locked out of his home with no place to go, and his wife is VERY ill on hospital.


Mr.  Swanson is in Lockport, can ANYONE help him out with some temporary shelter?  Can my Newsteader PLEASE pass this around so we can find him a warm place to stay for the time being?  He REALLY needs HELP right now!!

You can comment HERE or use a “contact us” link to get in touch.

‘The bigger story here is that this is happening all over the country right now.  Even right here in Akron!  The Newsteader will be covering this in depth in the future, right now, we just NEED to find housing for this gentleman.




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  1. i would like to tell their story on my radio show here in rochester on tuesday evening is there contact info some place people can send help to?