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20 Pembroke Students Chosen to Talk to Astronauts on the International Space Station

On Tuesday, January 8, 2019 at 10:28 AM 20 VERY lucky students from Pembroke High School will gather in the auditorium of  Pembroke Jr/Sr High School, Corfu, and get to chat up real live Astronauts, orbiting the earth from the ISS via a ham radio.

7  schools around the world have been chosen to talk  the Astronauts on the ISS using amateur radio.  There is a program called The Amateur Radio on the International Space Station Program (ARISS).  ARISS wants to get students interested in science and math through offering amateur radio communications opportunities with the International Space Station on board crew (!!)   Astronauts have equipment on board to make ham radio contacts with radio amateurs on Earth as well as their fancy NASA stuff.   Students can make contact with astronauts aboard the ISS if they have access to amateur radio stations in a classroom.

You can read more about ARISS HERE .  What a terrific program that is!

👨‍🚀Congrats to Pembroke👩‍🚀

This is going to be so cool