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    What is The Newsteader™?


The Newsteader™ is the FIRST online only source for news, information and community events in Akron/Newstead and the surrounding areas.  The site was created to consolidate community events into one, convenient, easy to navigate spot for everyone.  On The Newsteader™ you will find:

  • Local News
  • Feature Articles 
  • Police Beat
  • Death Notices
  • Weather
  • Obituaries
  • Community Events Calendar


 The Events Calendar is for ALL general events going on out, about and around town.

  • For Music fans: Concert listings for the whole WNY area
  • For Motor Heads: Summer Cruise Nights for the whole WNY area
  • For Parents: The Summer Carnivals and Festivals.

     If you have news or a story to share, for example:  Your child wins an award, opening a new business, or someone turning 100, we want to hear about it!  We want to showcase our residents!  There are several links on the site to “contact us”, please fill out the form and someone will get back to you ASAP.  

    If you have a community event/fundraiser, please let us know so we can get it on the calendar and let everyone know about it.  

Please go to the “press release” link to send press releases.  We will get them on the air within 24 hours. 

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