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Time Mag story about Akron Mobile Home Park Issues

I totally missed this.  Did you?  Click for article. The Newsteader will be following this.  Let’s wait for some snow and see if they show up to plow.  The Newsteader is going to want to know if these people are taking care of our residents like they are supposed to.  If you have info about this issue, please contact The Newsteader at our “contact us” link.

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  1. I recently moved from a 2 story home after my husband passed, to a manufactured home in the Quarry Hill Estates Mobile Home Park, in Akron NY. They are doing the same thing, raising the lot rent yearly. Right now, I can afford it, but there are many here in this 55+ park that are on Social Security with a monthly income of around $800.00. Our current lot rent is $538.00 and is set to go up again in January. That leaves most of the residents with just under $300 to live on, play their utilities, buy food and/or meds until the next pay day. How is that fair? It isn’t!

  2. I did not see the Time Magazine article, but I did hear about the buyout and price increase from Ron Barone and his wife. Kudos to you all who met and put so much effort into doing the right thing. Another way to force change is to Picket protest the price increases and tell a local TV station to come and film it. It will generate public knowledge and hopefully shame the owner into action. These protests can be very effective.

    • the protest did not work in quarry hill they have nothing to show for it now but higher rent the highest in the area gone up for past 8 years and we get nothing for it roads are worst than any where in wny very little being done to keep it up this year did not even fill the pot holes we ask when are they going to fix we always get next year it slowly is becoming a slum park going to soon move out but sad thing cant get even 20000 for a nice one in here only getting worse if going to pay this kind of money just buy a home and not have to put up with the drug dealers living so close