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Follow up on the Credit Card Skimmer

There is a false notion floating around in the cyberverse, that if you physically tug on the pump credit card slot a fake one will just pop off, and you are safe.  This is correct in some cases.  However, the scammers have evolved.  They are now placing these devices inside the actual pump so there is no way to detect them.  It takes them seconds to break into the pump and place the device.  Clearly better measures are going to need to be taken, and are in the works.  Not only was there a device here in Akron, but 7 more have been discovered recently around the Amherst area.  In the meantime, everyone be mindful of their credit card activity if you have used it in a gas pump recently.   Some banks offer a service that will send you a txt or an email any time your card is used, that may be one way to protect yourself, and there is always good old fashioned 💵  JAP