Sunday Brunch In Akron

YES! You read it right.  BRUNCH in Akron.  I am talking about a real brunch.  With a proper brunch menu, with menu items made to order, as opposed to a brunch “buffet” with scrambled eggs (that probably came out of a carton), the leftover prime rib that didn’t sell the night before, and pre-made Eggs Benedict in one of those warming plate things.

Bistro 93 used to be The Village Inn.  A few years ago it was transformed into Bistro 93, a fine food, yet casual restaurant.  It really is a foodies playground in there, but more about that on another day.  Today, is about brunch.

Bistro 93 added in Sunday Brunch this past Summer.  Everything is made to order, you get fresh fruits delivered to your table as well as croissants.  The menu features items like: Big Island Pancakes, Huevos Rancheros, lox and bagels (and this place uses it’s own house cured salmon!), and of course the main attraction:  Eggs Benedict all made to order.

Being from New England, I consider myself sort of a brunch expert.  It was just a regular thing we did every Sunday.   I have personally been to too many places to count in the WNY area searching for a proper brunch and have always been disappointed.   Either it’s a buffet, inconsistent or the food was just bad.  That being said, Bistro 93 is the easy winner of best brunch from Batavia to Buffalo,  and I’ll bet half of you reading this right now didn’t even know there was any such thing right here!  So, come out some Sunday from noon on and get your Mimosa on 🥂

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